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PetzUp®  Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs 60's

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PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is a Chinese herbal supplement scientifically formulated for old and aging dogs. It contains Lingzhi Polysaccharides which can promote metabolism, eliminate free radicals inside the dog´s body and regulate canines´ bodily functions. The accumulation of free radicals will damage the body cells and accelerate the aging process. The Lingzhi Polysaccharides act by inhibiting the growth of these damaging free radicals, thereby restoring the internal system and slowing down the aging process.

•Improve blood circulation andmaximize oxygen-carrying level of blood cells

•Enhance immunity

•Repair damaged cells, restorenormal bodily functions and internal homeostasis of various systems

•Help calm dogs´ nerves, improvequality of sleep and appetite

Ingredients: Natural Ganoderam (Lingzhi) & Bone Meal etc
Direction & Dosage: Small Breed (1-5Kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg); 1 capsule, once daily Large Breed (above 15kg), 2 capsules, once daily
Net Weight: 20.4 克
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

The physique of each body is different, please consult with your attending doctor for more precise advice.