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Immuzac+™ (Expiry Date: 6 April 2023)

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Immuzac+™ with Vitamin C
Proven effective in preparing human macrophages to provide extra immune defense.

- PuB + Vitamin C, natural health supplement
- Jointly researched with The University of Hong Kong
- Effective for improving one’s immunity to guard against diseases against invasion of infectious agent
- The ideal supplement for Medical professionals who are exposed to daily contamination
- Suitable for People who have frequent contacts with patients
- Suitable for People who are constantly exposed to an environment with contamination
- Suitable for People who are week and seek for immunity enhancement
(Made in Japan)

益抗適+™ 簡介

益抗適+™ 簡介




Technological Advancement in Chinese Medicine

Technological Advancement in Chinese Medicine

益抗適+™ 是由香港大學作出深入科學研究的成果²,利用嶄新的分子生物技術進行益抗適+™ 成份內的細胞實驗,而每一個實驗均得到反覆的驗證,過程嚴謹精密。研究透過兩組系統的人體細胞實驗,探討及証實益抗適+™ 的成份對提高感染的抵禦能力及其作用機理。

科研實證,益抗適+™  有效提升免疫力,抵禦感染

科研實證,益抗適+™  有效提升免疫力,抵禦感染

Extracted from 100% natural Lingzhi and Yunzhi, its effects are well preserved with the patented low-temperature concentration technology.

It also contains a high concentration of PuB active polysaccharide, which has been proven to effectively strengthen macrophages, improving 'Combat Strength' by 100%³, promotes a faster and stronger response when the immune system is infected, and reducing the risk of infection³. While it provides a protective wall that acts as the first line of defense in the body, it will not cause excessive stress or unnecessary burden to the immune system.

Production factory has been certified the national GMP and have been verified by the Hong Kong General Notary Public (SGS). Each batch is issued with a qualification report for heavy metal and toxic elements, pesticide residues and microbial safety tests.

Product Description

Product Description







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