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NONG'S® Natural Premium Dendrobium Officinale 115g

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Nong's® Dendrobii Officinalis Caulis comes from the origin of Anhui, China, and is a top authentic medicinal material carefully selected with high standards.

  • Sweet in nature, slightly cold, can benefit the stomach and promote body fluid, nourish yin and essence, clear away heat
  • Can improve human immunity, and have anti-oxidative and anti-aging functions
  • It is especially suitable for those who suffer from dry mouth, polydipsia, fever after illness, dark eyesight, frequent staying up late, and physical weakness

    Ingredients: 100% Natural Premium Dendrobium Officinale
    Direction & Dosage: Take 3-5 grams, soak in wine or water for drinking; take 6-12 grams, and take it in soup; take 3-5 grams of powder each time and drink it; it can also be taken orally directly.
    Net Weight: 115g
    Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

    The physique of each body is different, please consult with your attending doctor for more precise advice.
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