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NONG'S® Clear Heat & Moisten Lungs Formula — Luo Han Guo (10 sachets)

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Nong's® Dry Throat & Cough Formula can effectively soothe dry throat, relieve cough and clear phlegm. It is a potent formula to clear heat and moisten the lungs.


The formula is extracted from the Drug Standard of Ministry of Public Health of the People's Republic of China-Chinese Proprietary Medicines and Preparations. This formula effectively clears heat and moistens the lungs. It can relieve dry throat, hoarseness and cough. This formula is highly regarded and is widely used as an effective cough formula.

(Hong Kong Registered Proprietary Chinese Medicine - pCm registration number: HKC-11892)
No. 1 Market Leader in Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules in Hong Kong*
*Based on Euromonitor International's research conducted in June 2023 on Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) market (in terms of prescription revenue in 2022) in Hong Kong

Ingredients: Fructus Momordicae, Folium Eriobotryae, Radix Platycodonis, Radix Stemonae, Rhizoma et Radix Cynanchi Stauntonii, Cortex Mori
Direction & Dosage: Three times daily, one sachet each time. Stir granules in hot water to dissolve
Packaging: 10g x 10 sachets (Individually-packed sachets, instantly soluble in hot water, convenient for immediate consumption, safe and reliable)
Net Weight: 100g
Weight: 142g
Storage: Store in cool and dry place

The physique of each body is different, please consult with your attending doctor for more precise advice.