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Nong's® Ginseng Instant Herbal Drink

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Nong’s® Ginseng Instant Herbal Drink ishighly aromatic with an earthy, bitter and slightly sweet undertones. It can replenish qi, boost energy, invigorate thespleen, and hasa high oxidation function. It can also enhance immunity, improve sleep quality, and stimulatephysical and mental activity thereby increasing the efficiency of study and work productivity. It is especially suitable forworking professionals who stay up late or tend to be on the computer forprolonged period of time.

  • Replenish qi, boost energy, invigorate the spleen, and high oxidation function
  • No sugars, preservatives, or artificial colorings
  • 0.4 kcal each sachet, Healthy Drink
  • Passed multiple safety tests
  • Advanced dynamic extraction and low temperature concentration technologies preserving the active ingredients of the medicinal herbs
  • Effective & delicious healthy drink

No. 1 Market Leader in Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules in Hong Kong*
*Based on Euromonitor International's research conducted in May 2021 on Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) market (in terms of prescription revenue in 2020) in Hong Kong

Effect: Replenish qi and Boost Energy
Main Ingredients: Ginseng, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit
Remark: This product does not contain any added sugar, artificial colorings or preservatives, and is suitable for those who are health conscious or are concerned about their body weight.
Direction & Dosage: One sachet each time. Pour granules into 200ml of hot water, stir to dissolve and serve hot; or dissolve granules into a suitable amount of hot water first, then add cold water and ice for a cold, healthy and refreshing drink. It can be served both hot and cold.
Packaging: 6 sachets per box, 4g each sachet
Net Weight: 24g
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.