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PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Serious Illness 60's

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PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Serious Illness is a Chinese Medicine specifically researched and formulated for dogs with serious illness. It contains high content of Yunzhi which is scientifically demonstrated to strengthen body condition to relieve side effects, therefore assit tacking serious illnesse

•Alleviate the pain and the side effects vomiting, loss of appetite and severe weight loss 

•Strengthening body condition to undergo the entire serious illness treatment 

Ingredients: 100% Natural Yunzhi, Meat and Bone Meal
Direction & Dosage: Small Breed (1-5Kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg); 1 capsule, once daily Large Breed (above 15kg), 2 capsules, once daily
Net Weight: 20.4g
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

The physique of each body is different, please consult with your attending doctor for more precise advice.