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PetzUp® Health Supplements for Pets

PetzUp® Healthy Formula Range for Dogs is a standardized natural Chinese medicine herbal supplement specially formulated for benefits of dogs. Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs, Health Strengthening Formula and Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula are made of Lingzhi extracts which is proven to enhance immunity, promote metabolism, prevent hair loss and promote regrowth of healthy and shiny hair in animal research. Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Serious illness is made of Yunzhi extracts that has been demonstrated to stimulate the immune system, strengthen immunity in order to inhibit the growth of mutated cells and reduce the side effects of serious illnesses treatments.
As dogs have no digestive enzymes in mouth and have shorter digestive tracts, many Chinese medicine active ingredients, such as Lingzhi Polysaccharides and Astrogalus Polysaccharides, could not be effectively digested by dogs. Therefore, Lingzhi products should be proceeded via special technique to enhance the absorption for dogs. By reducing the loss of Chinese medicine active ingredients, the function of Lingzhi can be optimized.
PetzUp® Healthy Formula Range for Dogs is made of natural herbal ingredients. Every batch of PetzUp® has obtained certification on microbial limit tests, heavy metals and toxic element and pesticide residues, thereby guaranteeing its reliability and safety.


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