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PuraPharm® Nasal Formula 60's

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PuraPharm Nasal Formula is formulated for relieving symptoms of nasal allergy and hay fever. It contains extracts of Ganoderma Applanatum, Flos Magnoliae and Herba Menthae. Scientifically proven, its ingredient can inhibit the release of histamine and suppress allergic reaction, while at the same time relieve symptoms of nasal allergy and hay fever; thereby improving body conditions.

  • Effectively relieves Nasal Symptoms
  • Suppress allergic reaction
  • Improve body conditions
  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Made from natural ingredients and non-steroidal

(Hong Kong Registered Proprietary Chinese Medicine - pCm registration number: HKP-09383)
No. 1 Market Leader in Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules in Hong Kong*
*Based on Euromonitor International's research conducted in June 2023 on Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) market (in terms of prescription revenue in 2022) in Hong Kong

Ingredients: Ganoderma Applanatum, Flos Magnoliae, and Herba Menthae
Usage: 2 capsules, two times daily, or as directed by physician
Packaging: 400mg per capsule, 60 capsules per bottle
Net Weight: 24g
Weight: 156g
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

The physique of each body is different, please consult with your attending doctor for more precise advice.